Monday, April 26, 2021

Another Female Great Horned Owl and Owlet… 04-25-21

 Female Great Horned Owl and Owlet…

On Sunday, 04-25-21, I spent some time photographing these two Great Horned Owls. A couple months ago I went looking for their nest, but I didn’t find it. Then I got busy photographing Hoot’s Great Horned Owl family.

A friend told she had seen the owls the day before and was going back today. While on my bike ride she messaged me the owls were out, so after my bike ride I quickly grabbed my stuff and went to the area. Too quickly…I forgot my CFexpress cards for my camera.

I went back home and grabbed my cards and headed back out to the location. The forecast was for rain, but while there it was only some sleet. I think the rain kept some people away, because I spent time most of my time by myself.


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