Monday, August 29, 2011

Quinn Sullivan / Bayfront Blues Festival

Quinn Sullivan playing under the tent on Day One of the Bayfront Blues Festival. It was dry under the tent, but the rain was coming down hard outside of it.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Joe Louis Walker / Bayfront Blues Festival

Joe Louis Walker on Day One of the Bayfront Blues Festival. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Joe and Murali Coryell playing their guitars.

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Dani Wilde...with "Girls with Guitars" spotted me in the the Bayfront Blues Festival

On Day 2 of the Bayfront Blues Festival I was photographing the "Blues Caravan-Girls with Guitars" from the crowd when I began photographing Dani Wilde. Sometimes I will keep my camera, Nikon D700 with my 70-200 mm 2.8 lens, up to my eye for a considerable amount of time to capture a certain look or to get several looks.

Dani stepped away from the microphone and began playing her guitar. She didn't realize I was photographing her at the start, then she noticed me. The lens is a fairly large lens. She continues to play and looks away, but then she locks onto me again. This time I moved the camera away from my eye and gave her a smile. Once the "ice" was broken she was back doing what she does....

I thought it would be interesting to show this series of images.

Thank you Dani...

I'll have more images of the ladies later. I ,also, saw these ladies the next week at the Big Bull Falls Blues Festival in Wausau.

It's about this time I move the camera away from my face and gave her a smile....

Now she's saying to herself...on with the show!

Pat Hayes / Bayfront Blues Festival

Pat Hayes all by himself at the Bayfront Blues Festival. Many people think Pat is Lamont Cranston of the Lamont Cranston Band.

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CJ Chenier & The Red Hot Louisiana Band / Bayfront Blues Festival

CJ Chenier at the Bayfront Blues Festival.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ana Popovic / Big Bull Falls Blues Festival

Last Friday, 08-19-11 I drove to Wausau, Wisconsin to the Big Bull Falls Blues Festival. One of the bands I wanted to see was the Ana Popovic Band. I saw them earlier this year at Famous Dave's in Minneapolis. I wanted to see them play again. It looked like Wausau was going to be the closest they would get to Minneapolis again this year.

Here are the images from Famous Dave's: Ana Popovic Gallery

Unfortunately, because some of the earlier bands played a bit longer, some equipment issues when the "Girls with Guitars" wanted to play...the Ana Popovic Band started 1 1/2 hours later than scheduled. They then only got to play for about 70 minutes before being told to stop.

Since I don't get photo/back stage access passes I have to photograph from the crowd. I was all set up against the barrier, but in front of me was the VIP area with another 10 feet of additional space for people to stand in front of the stage if they wanted. When the other bands were playing most of them were relaxing in their chairs off to the side.

Once Ana and her band began to play this area in front of me quickly filled up. Lets say there were several tall people moving in front of me limiting my shots. I got a few, but not too many. Some images I got had a head, arm or other body part in the image. If I knew ahead of time how this was set up and the number of VIP tickets sold I would have purchased a VIP ticket to be able to photograph without too much problem. I decided not to stay for Saturday's performances even though I had bought my ticket.

Here are three images that I posted on Facebook. I'm posting them here for my non Facebook friends. I'll probably post of few more later on my website, but I'm actually editing images from the Bayfront Blues Festival.

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John Primer / Bayfront Blues Festival

I've seen John Primer play a few times now. I enjoy listening to him each time I see him. If you get a chance to get his latest CD, "All Original" , get it. Very nice album!

Here is John Primer at the Bayfront Blues Festival on Day One.

Here is a young lady dancing to John Primer. She must love the "Old Chicago Blues"!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Annie Mack / Bayfront Blues Festival

Annie Mack was the first performer of the three day event...the Bayfront Blues Festival.

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Lamont Cranston / Blues on the Chippewa

Lamont Cranston finished off Day 2 of the Blues on the Chippewa.

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Left Wing Bourbon / Blues on the Chippewa

Left Wing Bourbon, local favorite, played on Day 2.

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Combo Flambe / Blues on the Chippewa

Here is Ollie Foran with his band, Combo Flambe. Some may know Ollie when he played with Willie (Murphy) and the Bees back in the early 80's.

Combo Flambe

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Code Blue / Blues on the Chippewa

Code Blue at the Blues on the Chippewa.

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Ross William Perry / Blues on the Chippewa

Ross William Perry played on Day 2 of the Blues on the Chippewa.

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Lonesome Dan Kase / Blues on the Chippewa

Lonesome Dan Kase played in between sets at the Blues on the Chippewa.

Blues on the Chippewa

Lonesome Dan Kase

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Pete Neuman & the Real Deal / Blues on the Chippewa

Pete Neuman & the Real Deal on Day 2 of the Blues on the Chippewa.

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Doo Da Day / Blues on the Chippewa

Doo Da Day was one of the first ones to play on Day 2 of the Blues on the Chippewa.

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A few miscellaneous photos from the Blues on the Chippewa

Here are a few miscellaneous photos from the Blues on the Chippewa held in Durand, Wisconsin.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sena Ehrhardt Band /Bayfront Blues Festival...a few images

The week-end of August 12-14, 2011, I was up in Duluth, MN attending the Bayfront Blues Festival. Three days of music.

One of the bands I photographed was the Sena Ehrhardt Band. Here are some initial images of Sena and her father, Ed Ehrhardt, playing on the tent stage on Saturday, 08-13-11. I posted these earlier today on my FB wall, but I decided to post them here for my non-Facebook friends. Eventually, I'll get around to posting more of the Sena Ehrhardt Band and the other bands. Right now I haven't posted any Bayfront Blues Festival images to my website...eventually I will....

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