Monday, April 19, 2021

Hoot and her Two Owlets (Great Horned Owls) " Hoot checks in" 04-18-21

Hoot and her Owlets… “Hoot checks on the Owlets”

Great Horned Owls

Earlier in the day on Sunday, 04-18-21, I went for a walk without my camera gear. I walked near the nest and saw that Hoot was perched above the nest.

I quickly checked for Give a Hoot in the same general area and didn’t find him, so I walked to the cedar tree that I found him in a few days ago. Yep, that’s him sleeping. I didn’t need to get too close to him, because I didn’t have my camera along. I had a meeting in a couple hours so I just went out for a walk. My plan was to go out with my camera gear after my meeting.

When I got done with my meeting and was ready to go look for the owls a light rain began to fall and the winds picked up considerably. When I first went close to the nest it didn’t look like Hoot was around. I checked around the area and I didn’t find her or Give a Hoot.  Originally, I was going to sit at the nest to get some video of the one owlet “branching”. After checking the area for the adults I now could see Hoot perched above the nest.

I checked the nest and both owlets were all snuggled next to each other. They didn’t even bother to check me out. Now with the rain they weren’t going to be active any time soon.

Well, I decided to check the cedar tree for Give a Hoot. Its about a 3/4 mile walk away. When I got to the tree Give a Hoot was gone. It was now raining harder, so I stayed underneath the cedar tree for some protection and decide what I wanted to do next.

I decided to go back to the nest to take some photos and video. Hoot was still perched above the nest, but I couldn’t see her from where I was set up.

She flew from her perch at 1900 hrs to another branch to make eye contact while making some soft squawks to the owlets, then she flew off to do some hunting.

The owlets were not as active on the nest today most likely due to the rain.  

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