Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some Night Shots along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis...

I finally got out to do some night photography aka low light photography on Saturday, 11-16-13. The last time I got out to do this type of photography was in January 2013 walking around Minneapolis/St. Paul area , then in February in the Florida Keys.  It seems I only get out to do this type of photography in the fall and winter. The are a few reasons for going out during those seasons. I only had one close encounter with a "drunk" person.

On Saturday I went back to the area of the Stone Arch Bridge and 3rd Avenue Bridge going over the Mississippi River. I like photographing along the Mississippi River.

During the day it was cloudy with mostly a light rain. I like going out to do photography in the city while the pavement is wet..both day or night. The reflections on the streets from the different lights make for a more interesting image. When I left my house there were just a few sprinkles...mostly a fine mist. I wasn't completely prepared for a hard rain...just because I was hoping it wouldn't rain.

I came away with about 10 images from the evening. I posted three of them to this post. The others are uploaded to my website under Night Photography- Minneapolis/St. Paul. There's a link to the gallery after these posted images.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

MMA: MECCA II Premier MMA at Mystic Lake

On Saturday, November 2, 2013, Driller Promotions and Sterling Entertainment Group put on another MMA Event...this time it was held it at the Mystic Lake Casino. Driller Promotions and Sterling Entertainment Group Presnts: MECCA 2: Premier MMA at Mystic Lake Hotel...

Here are a few images from the event....there is a link toward the bottom of this page where it will take you to the galleries of the other 12 fights...

Here is a short write up about the event from MMA Torch: MECCA II at Mystic Lake

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