Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Frank Doorhof

“Why fake it when you can create it?”
Frank is mostly a fashion and glamour photographer from the Netherlands. I began following Frank since the early part of this year when he was the guest blogger on  
I like what Frank does and it appears he’s a great instructor, although I’ve never been to  one of his workshops. I would like to do so!
A couple weeks ago Frank announced on his blog that he’s joined Scott Kelby Training and he'll be doing some videos for Scott Kelby's on-line training. I am a NAPP member and I also subscribe to the on-line training. I look forward to viewing them later this summer/fall.


Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last year I saw these two guys, who are living in Colombia, talking about their “Backpacker’s Studio” on a YouTube video. They use the 28” and 50” Westcott Apollo softboxes with speedlights. In fact, this was where I got the idea of getting the 28” x 28” Apollo softbox. So far I’ve used it on two photo shoots and I really like it!

I forgot about them until I recently ran across some more video’s and their new website. The videos are very informative and funny at the same time. Check them out!

lightenupandshoot.com is their new website.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Zanell and "R"

Yesterday, Sunday, 06-20-10, four of us went to Ft. Snelling State Park for our monthly Strobist meet.

We had three models. Most of the shots were action related. Toward the end three of the photographers were setting up the light to shoot one of the models riding a bike.

I grabbed Zanell and used my 28" x 28" Westcott Apollo softbox with my SB-900 speedlight. Triggered with Pocket Wizards II. This was the second shoot with the softbox. I really like this softbox.

The softbox was on camera left. (above)
Here is "R" doing something I could only do by accident, but I wouldn't be landing on my feet like he did. There was a bare SB-900 speedlight to the front and up high. Two more SB-800 speedlights to the rear with one on each side.
above, softbox on camera left.

I just started working on the photos tonight. I will add more when I have time.


Ashley's Graduations Photos Up On My Website....

I've added more photos from Ashley's Graduation Party up on my website!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ashley's Graduation Party

On Saturday, 06-12-10, I went over to Ashley's Graduation Party and took some photos. It rained all day long, but Ashley's parents got some large tents for the event.

I started off using on camera flash with my speedlight on a wedding bracket. I didn't like the look so I broke out my 28" x 28" Wescott Apollo softbox using my SB-900 speedlight. It was still raining so I had to shoot under the tents.

Later on the rain ceased, so I got out one of my Elinchrom RX600 monolight with my 53" octabox. As soon as I got it up outside there were a few more sprinkles, but that was it. I would have like to got the second light out as a rim light, but with the weather I decided not to do it.

Here are some random photos. I will post more later on. The first seven photos were shot using the Wescott softbox under the tent.

Shelley (Ashley's mom), above

This last photo was shot using the Elinchrom light.


A view from a top of the Foshay Tower...

which at one time was the tallest building in Minneapolis. On Friday, 06-11-10, I took a break from watching Zack Arias live on CreativeLIVE and went and took some photos on top of the Foshay Tower

On Saturday, 06-12-10, I took some photos at Ashley's graduation party. I'll post some photos later...


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ashley's Graduation Card

One of my photos from last fall/winter was used on Ashley's graduation card. The home-made card was done by Nicole, another person where I work. The card was placed on a black background with light from an Elinchrom RX600 with Octabox.