Thursday, September 30, 2010 frustrating experience!

Well, a couple months ago I decided to set up a business Facebook page, Chuck Ryan Photography, after a friend of mine said it was easy to set up. Although he only has a personal page.

Many of the models that I’ve worked with have Facebook pages and are always asking me if I was on Facebook...I would say, no!

Other individuals / bands have posted some of my music photography and links from their Facebook pages to my Chuck Ryan Photography website. With the new “Blogger in Draft” I’m able to see some statistics on my and I’m seeing traffic from these Facebook pages to my blog.

I’ve been avoiding setting a Facebook page up, but I guess I should have one. So far the frustration has been greater than the benefit!

It’s probably been a couple months ago that I started this process. On my first try I entered my name Chuck Ryan. I thought I would be able to change the name to Chuck Ryan Photography. That didn’t I tried my real name, but Facebook wouldn’t allow me to do that either. After about an hour of trying all I wanted to do was delete ALL my information. It said something to the fact after 15 days all my information would be deleted. Like I needed that much time to reconsider....

Fifteen days arrived and I tried it again. On the Facebook page it asked me if I had an account. Oh, course I said no since all my information should have been deleted. I entered my e-mail address! It said I currently have an account. Oh, I thought my data was going to be deleted. I hit the button that I wanted to cancel Facebook again and to have my account deleted like the message said it would or should have done. The message read that my account would be permanently deleted by September 3, 2010. This would be another 15 days.

I waited about 21 days before signing up for Facebook again. It asked me if I had an existing account, once again, I said NO! I entered my e-mail address and I was able to set up the Chuck Ryan Photography page. Then it asked my name so I put in Charles W. Ryan II.

When I entered my name I thought I was saying who was the administrator of Chuck Ryan Photography. It appears I have a business page and a personal page. I really don’t care to have a personal page, but I can live with it.

Here’s my problem and the reason I have’t tried to get ” friends or likes”. In fact. I haven’t set the Facebook pages up completely because I’ve posted two messages on two different business Facebook pages thinking I was going to post something under Chuck Ryan Photography, but it does it under my name of my personal page. I want to post messages under Chuck Ryan Photography and not under my personal page.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this?

Edit on 10-12-10:

Personal Facebook page:

Chuck Ryan Photography (Business page)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Scott Holt...

Scott Holt is coming to Wilebski's Blues Saloon this coming Friday night, 10-01-10. He starts playing at 07:30 pm.

If you haven't been to Wilebski's yet, this is the time to go. Scott and his band put on an excellent show. I'll say it again, Scott and his band put on an excellent show! See you there!!

I photographed Scott Holt and his band a couple weeks ago when they played at Shaw's.


Randy McAllister

Saturday night, 09-25-10, Randy McAllister played at Wilebski's Blues Saloon. Texas Slim was on guitar.

I didn't stay all night, but Randy puts on a good show.

Randy had his drum set set up in front of the venues set. Randy was lit totally red. I turned most of the images to b & w. I also needed to raise my ISO up too much. The white light that is on stage right hasn't been on since Shawn Pittman played. I hope to see the light on...hint, hint!

The sound has been much better after getting the sound board repaired a couple weeks ago, but there's still a problem with the lights for the stage blowing a circuit.

I noticed there was a different sound board and a different sound guy on Saturday night.

Well, here are some of the images I took from the evening.

I looked over and saw the light from the ATM hitting this young lady, so I decided to take a quick photo!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twin Cities Photography Group Studio

Gilian, above

On Saturday, 09-25-10, I went down to the Twin Cities Photography Group Studio open house today. Although I was just there this past Wednesday for a shoot I still decided to go anyways.

I arrived early as I usually do. Everyone was still getting ready for the open house, so I had a seat waiting for the crowd to arrive. A few minutes later, Gilian, walked in. I had a nice time meeting and talking with her. Later on we had a small crowd around us. When I saw this photo posted I chuckled to myself. More Photos!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Megan & Jordan

More Photos
On Wednesday, 09-22-10, I went down to the Twin Cities Photography Studio for a dance shoot with a couple dancers, Megan and Jordan.

I wanted to see what the studio looked like, because a group of us have been looking for studio space for a month or so. If our group that I'm a part of fell through then I would consider this option.

It looks like our group of photographers are going to be moving into our studio probably around October 1st. The attorney is looking over the contract now, so unless something drastic changes...

I will probably post something about the studio later.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Treefrog Music Festival

For the past couple weeks I was planning on going to Grafton, WI for the Paramount Blues Festival that began on Friday, 09-17-10. I wanted to see Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo again. A couple things changed this past week before deciding not to make the long drive.

First, I saw Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo had added a date in October where they will be coming to Minneapolis. Then two different blues guy’s were coming to Wilebski’s Blue Saloon. Shawn Pittman would be there Friday night and Nick Moss and the Flip Tops on Saturday.  That alone changed my mind. 

Last week-end I met some new friends who were going to go to the Treefrog Music Festival in Faribault, MN. The drive would only be one hour and fifteen minutes from my house.
So given all this I decided against the long drive across Wisconsin.
I checked the schedule for the Treefrog Music Festival and there were several bands that didn’t seem to fit the “blues” category, but again the festival wasn’t billed as a blues festival. I really had no interest in seeing/ listening to most of the bands, so I decided to go down for a few hours on Saturday. Then I would leave in time to drive back to St. Paul and catch Nick Moss and the Flip Tops back at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon. 
When I began driving south toward Faribault the skies were very dark. Somewhere down there it appeared it was raining. By the time I arrived the sky was clearing and it actually was a nice day.

Here are the bands that I photographed and listened to:
Circles to Squares
Plan B
The Tanner Taylor Trio
Everett Smithson Band
Root City

Other Photos:

Edit: I just don't get it on how blogger will randomly change my font size within my post when I originally set it all to the same size. I'm on a Mac and this post has two or three font sizes. I just don't get it...


Shawn Pittman

Shawn Pittman

Good Size Crowd on Friday night, 09-18-10, to see Shawn Pittman at Wilebski’s Blue Saloon.
I have been going down to Ted’s new venue each night since he opened, except last week-end when Shaw’s had their 9/11 Remembered Music Festival.
On opening night at the Blues Saloon they had an exceptional crowd with Kim Wilson & his Blues All-Stars. Of course, Hurricane Harold and Papa John Kolstad opened for them. Other than that the crowds have been a little on the thin side.
On Friday night with Shawn Pittman starting at the new time, 07:30 pm, this was probably the Saloon’s second best crowd. I saw many more people that I hadn’t seen before. 
It’s hard to say why more people came this week-end...was it Shawn, who by the way play an exceptional performance, or the new hours, or a combination of both.
I know I enjoy the earlier start time for the headliner band, so I guess I’m in the aging blues crowd category.
The lighting was somewhat better for this show for photography. There was another white light on stage right that helped. 
( Forward to the next night: I would also be going down to see Nick Moss on Saturday night. The white light on stage right wasn’t turned on. I also think the white light on stage left was moved upward. It’s almost like someone different turns on the stage lights nightly. I'm getting a little discourage taking photos. I'm very limited in getting a good photo. The music is great, though!)  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/11 Remembered Music Festival

Shaw’s Bar and Grill in NE Minneapolis was having their annual 9/11 Remembered Music Festival on Friday, 09-10-10 and Saturday, 09-11-10.
The music was supposed to start at 4 pm each day. I got there a little after 4 pm on Friday. I was walking up the sidewalk when I spotted Kay. Kay does some Blues Festival reviews for Lonnie. I met her on opening week-end at Wilebski’s opening week-end.
Kay said she was waiting for some friends of hers to show up. The music wasn’t going yet, so we sat at a table right in front and talked a bit. Eventually her friends began showing up as well as Lonnie. Once the music started I began taking photos of the band.

Mike Shaw was playing keys. Some of the ladies I met were Judy, Grace, Kim and a few more who I forgot their names.

Between sets a 14 year old who goes by Lil Diamond or something similar played a little acoustic stuff.
The main performer was Maxx Cabello, Jr. from the Bay area of  California. He put on a very good show. 
Kim had her purse stolen from the table where Kay and I originally sat . I saw some people chasing the suspect, but at the time I didn’t know what was going on. Maxx saw the people running by and asked what was that all about? The crowd yelled that a purse was stolen. I haven’t heard the complete story, but I’ve heard from some people who have heard that they know who the suspect is. I don’t know if they know his name or not.

The next day Grace, who lives nearby, found Kim’s purse about a half block away. The only stuff taken were her keys to her car and her camera. Kim had her ID on her. 
The lighting for taking photos was pretty poor. I had to bump my ISO up to 3200 and there was the problem of the red gelled lights.
On Saturday the music was also going to start at 4 pm. Since the music didn’t start on time the day before I decided to get there after 4 pm. Well, Paul Mayasich was already playing. Paul was playing with Bobby Vandell on drums and John Iden on bass.
Kim dancing to one of the first songs before the crowd showed up!

The headliner was Scott Holt. I just saw Scott up in Duluth at the Bayfront Blues Festival. I looked forward to seeing him play up close. He didn’t disappoint.  Luckily, I brought enough earplugs to give to Grace and Judy, since we were all right up front. 

The lighting for taking photos was much better the entire evening. There were a few more lights around the stage so I was able to keep my ISO around 1600 to 2000. 
Earlier in the evening a guy came up to me and asked me where he could see the photos I was taking. I handed him my card with the information. It was later on, at least and hour or so, this same guy comes up to me totally intoxicated and gives me back my card. Then he proceeds to get in my face and starts complaining that he didn’t come there to see me take photos, that I didn’t have to take as many photos as I did, and then he began the derogatory name calling. 
I stood there and waited for him to say what he wanted to say, then when he began repeating himself.  I told him he had said what he had to say and I didn’t have to hear it again. I told him to move along! He told me he didn’t have to leave, and that I should leave. 
After a short stand still I took a few steps away from him to get him out of my face. The obnoxious drunk felt he needed to come back over to me. Once agin he’s back in my face. He must had forgotten what he just told me, so he proceeds to once again repeat himself.
I walked from one end of the tent to the other end where one of the employees was taking the money for the wrist bands for the evening as the obnoxious drunk follows behind me. I quickly explain to the employee that the person is causing me problems and won’t leave me alone. I walked back to my table while the drunk talks to the employee.  

I go back to my table and once again the same guy is back in my face within a few minutes. This time my natural reaction was to grab him by the front of his shirt and tell him in not so nice of words to leave me alone and to stay away. A few more words were exchanged, but from my line a business your not going to talk and make any sense to an obnoxious drunk. 
Back up to the same employee as the obnoxious drunk once again follows me. Once again, I tell the employee that the drunk is causing me problems and that I wanted him removed or I was going to call the police.
This time I walk back to another area next to the stage and a few minutes later the same guy drunk was standing where I was previously standing while looking around.I watch him and then finally I see his lady friend come up and they begin dancing. 
I know who his lady friend is so if I need to I will be able to find out his name.
Afterwards another person I met the day before came up to me and asked me what was going on with the guy. She told me he was giving her a bad time, also. She told me his lady friend was gone for awhile when this was all taking place. She said his lady friend was a nice person, but I told her he wasn’t and he’s a drunk.
I wasn’t too happy the way the employee allowed this person who was causing problems with the customer (me). If I get a chance I’ll explain this situation to the owner. The music was very loud and I thought I may have heard the employee call the drunk by his name. That would explain why this person was allowed to stay.
On Sunday, I thought about this incident and another one. While up at the Bayfront Blues Festival in August I had a drunk come up to me and basically was saying the same stuff to me. I wasn’t paying that close attention to the guy because I didn’t want to listen to him more than I had too.  I noticed after he was done telling me his thoughts he sat down in the front row (this was in the tent) and his lady friend joined him a few minutes later. Now that I thought about this I’m pretty sure this is the same person drunk.
I’m not sure why he has a problem with me because there were several other people taking photos and many more people dancing who might have also be in his way. 
I had a good time listening to some good music and meeting some new “blues” friends, but it ended up on a bad note. Oh, well.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mojo Lemon

On Monday, 09-06-10, I found myself driving to Jake's Tiki Bar in Menomonie, WI to see Mojo Lemon. The first time I saw these guys were at the Blues on the Chippewa in Durand, WI.

When I arrived the guys were still setting up their equipment on the outdoor stage. Around 2pm they began to play. The stage faces toward the outdoor bar while the back of the stage faces toward the road and a row of cars parked at the establishment.

It wasn't going to be the best shooting opportunity, but I made the best of it. There were lots of distractions in the background.

Shortly after they began playing it began to rain. Luckily the stage had a roof so I hugged one of the supports on either side of the stage to stay out of the rain and the front of the stage.The pavement was now going to be wet preventing me from rolling on the ground like I seem to do quite often trying to get the shot.

Well, I'm glad I went to see them . I've posted some photos from the day here.

Mojo Lemon
"Little Dancer"
While the band played there was a little girl who was getting into the music and danced her heart out. I had to take a couple photos of her. I call her the "Little Dancer"!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Time Willy the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday, 09-05-10. I mentioned in a previous post that Mark (Willy) and his band, Good Time Willy, were going to be recording a Live CD. I'm in the process of uploading to my website over 150 photos from the party at Famous Dave's at the Fair. I posted more photos than I should but hopefully you'll get the idea of the fun time everyone was having! The stage was very small and at the start I tried to avoid as many distractions as I could, but then I decided to treat the shoot as an event. Anything went!

I want to thank all the wonderful people I met that day. As you can see from the photos everyone was getting into the music. How could you not!!

Good Time Willy (MySpace)

Good Time Willy (Facebook)



Chuck Ryan Photography

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sena Ehrhardt Band

This past week-end I was busy taking photos of some different bands. On Friday night, I was down at Wilebski’s Blue Saloon to see John Primer play some real Chicago blues. Excellent performace! If you ever get a chance to see John...Go! 
I bought his CD, All Original, while there.  I’ve listened to it several times this week-end while driving to different places. I’ve enjoyed it!
I posted the link to the photos of John Primer in the previous post.
On Saturday, 09-04-10, I was back down to Wilebski's to see the Sena Ehrhardt Band. I’ve never really listened to them, but I was pleasantly pleased hearing them in person.  As you can see from the photos, Sena is very photogenic. 

The sound was the best it has been since they opened in the new venue. There weren't any of the same problems as in the past few weeks. Hopefully things have been worked out.
Sunday, 09-05-10 was the Minnesota State Fair day for me. I probably haven’t been to the State Fair in 15 years. If it wasn’t for going to see a couple bands to listen to and photograph I wouldn’t have gone. There are just too many people!
I was there before noon to see Pete Neuman and the Real Deal. I saw these guys about a month ago at the Blues on the Chippewa Festival in Durand, WI. Here are some photos of them from the Blues on the Chippewa. I’ll post photos of them at the State Fair later.
Next, I went over to Famous Dave’s where I knew Good Time Willy was going to be recording a live CD. I knew Mark Williams, Willy, was going to have some fiends perform with his band. There was Bruce McCabe, Steve Clarke, Boom Boom Steve V that I knew who were going to be playing. Some others who made an appearance were Hurricane Harold Tremblay of Cool Disposition, Tom Harkness of the Swamp Kings, and John Franken. 
It was a very fun time!!!!! The crowd was awesome and I met several nice people. Different members of the band would go out into the crowd and play. You had to be there! I’m sure many of the folks are still talking about the great time everyone was having!

Photos of Good Time Willy at the Blues on the Chippewa.
After Good Time Willy I walked back over to the DNR stage to see Pete Neuman’s  last set before going to see Alison Scott. I figured since I was at the Fair I may as well go over and take a few shots of her.
When I began shooting Alison I noticed that the lights from the sides of the stage were hitting her mic stand and there were shadows being cast upon her face. I tried to get some shots of her without the shadows. Tough to do the way she sings. I'm not saying anything bad the way she sings, but that the lights could have been set up better. If there were some lights to the front it would have knocked down those shadows. I’ve uploaded her photos, but I haven’t gone through them yet.
On Monday I drove to Menomonie, Wi to see Mojo Lemon play. Again, I'll post photos later. They were also at the Blues on the Chippewa. Josh is good for some facial expressions when he plays his guitar. Here are the photos from the Blues on the Chippewa. 
Well, now I have to post the photos I took, so tonight I processed the Sena Ehrhardt Band photos and they are posted on my website.
Keep checking back for the other photos from this past week-end.  

Sena Ehrhardt Band
More Photos

Chuck Ryan Photography

Saturday, September 4, 2010