Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wilebski's Second Week-end Miscellaneous Photos

I needed to revert back to the old blogger, so I could post photos. Somehow I got changed to "Blogger in Draft" that obviously has some problems. For one I couldn't post any photos from my hard drive.

I tried posting these yesterday, but there was a problem when I tried uploading these with the old uploader. Today it worked!

These photos were taken with my new Nikon 50mm 1.4G lens.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another week-end of live music photos from Wilebski's and Neumann's....

Friday night, 08-27-10, I was back down to Wilebski's Blues Saloon to take some photos and to help support Ted Wilebski's new venue. It's open both Friday and Saturday, but work is still being done during the week. If you sign up on their website, you'll get an e-mail during the week on who is playing.

Since I'm not able to post photos from my hard drive to my blog I'll post links to the photos posted on my website. I have a few miscellaneous photos I'll post from Friday once I'm able to post photos here again.

Friday Night (Wilebski's):

Cooker John : Photos

The Butanes : Photos

Saturday Night:

Barbara LeShoure Benefit: Photos

I posted some miscellaneous photos in this folder. You have to check out, Nikki's, shoes/boots. Nikki just started at Wilebski's as a bartender. She told me the boots add 7 inches in height.

I left Wilebski's arond 11 pm or so. I knew Mickey Bauer with Cool Disposition was playing over at Neumann's so I headed there.

Cool Disposition : Photos

Oh, I almost forgot. I received my new Nikon 50mm 1.4G lens from B & H Photo on Friday. I believe all the photos I posted from this week-end were taken with that lens. It sure does have narrow depth of field. It's pretty dark on the stage at Wilebski's, so I needed a lens that gathers a lot of light. After shooting this week-end with the 50 mm I believe I need the 85mm 1.4. $1,700! Ouch!!

I buy most of my camera equipment, lights, etc from B & H Photo. Excellent service and they have lower prices.


Blues on the Chippewa Day 2 New Links to Photos

Yesterday I was moving my photo galleries into folders on my website. Long story short the folder containing all the photos from Day 2 were deleted, so all the old links for the folder and the galleries for that day no longer work.

I uploaded all the photos again, so here are the new links:

Music (New Folder where I'll be putting all music photography)

BOTC 2010 Day 2


Do Da Day

Good Time Willy

Combo Flambe

Aaron Williams and The Hoodoo

The Nitecaps

Left Wing Bourbon w/ Maurice Jacox

Dave Lambert (Day2)

Ellen Whyte w/ Sue Orfield Band

Day 2 Miscellaneous Photos


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogger won't upload Photos to this Post!

More problems with blogger.

Last night, Friday night, I went back to Wilebski's Blue Saloon. They still are working on the interior during the week, but are open Friday and Saturday. The big bar was open tonight for the first time. I'm sorry I forgot her name, Susan (?), she was upstairs hand painting more drawings on the walls while the music was playing. Someone please correct me with her name.

Anyways, Cooker John played before The Butanes went on stage.

I attempted to post some photos this morning but there's a bug with Blogger so I can't upload any photos at this time. I tried several times before doing a google search to find there was a problem.

I'll post some photos later!

I mentioned in my post with Zed Leppelin that I was having problems with changing the font size. I couldn't change the font size on my Mac, but I viewed the post later on a computer other than a Mac and the font size was fine.

Edit: Cooker John Photos

The Butanes Photos


Monday, August 23, 2010

Zed Leppelin...

...at the Lake Harriet Bandshell!

Zed Leppelin played at the Lake Harriet Bandshell on Sunday, 08-22-10, so I went down to take some photos. I shot these guys about a month ago at Lumberjack Days in Stillwater. These guys are really good, so if you get a chance go see them.

I only posted a few photos here on my blog. There are many more photos posted on my website here. Probably too many...oh, well!

The photos taken at the Lumberjack Days are here or just click here for both galleries.

I want to thank everyone with Zed Leppelin for allowing me on stage to take some photos.
Denny, the drummer, is hard to photograph from a distance.

Edit: Sorry for the font size. For some reason it's this size or extra large. Ever since goggle blogger added some changes a month or two ago or so I've had so much problems placing the photos where I want them to go. I also have problems with the font size and it seems like I always have to go back in a change it after it's posted. Tonight it won't let me. Just venting....

She was standing at the other end of the stage at first. Then she came to my side where there was a bit more shade.  Since she came closer I thought maybe she wanted her photo taken.
Someone likes Zed Leppelin!!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

RJ Mischo at Wilebski's Blues Saloon

Last night, Saturday, 08-21-10, I went to Wilebski’s Blues Saloon for it’s second night at the new location. Kent Duchane was to open for RJ Mischo at 7 pm.
I arrived a few minutes after 7pm. I grabbed my camera gear and headed for the front door. Locked! What’s up with that?
While waiting by the front door a car goes by and a guy yells out the window go to the back door. I walk in and most of the lights were down. There wasn’t anyone setting up on stage. 
There was another guy there who I talked to before Kay walked in. Kay told me she was there to do a review for Lonnie. We talked for quite a while and we both were wondering what was up. No explanation why the place didn’t look like it was ready for business tonight. There were employees getting ready, but the music was to had started at 7pm. I know there wasn’t any postings or e-mails sent out saying the opening act was not going to take place. There wasn’t any posting at the door, either.
The people who knew how to turn the lights on to the area of the stage weren’t there. I over heard a phone call take place. It was until 08:18 pm when the sound guy arrived. There were some band members who were going to back RJ already setting up their equipment.
Eventually the lights when on and some music began playing over the sound system. 
RJ Mischo didn’t begin playing until about 09:35 pm. Once they began there were some problems with the power shutting down some of the lights and sound system. This happen last night, also.
I rented two lenses (50 mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8) for tonight because the lighting on the stage for the band is just too dark. I think everyone on opening night was using some sort of on-camera flash. I even had to resort to doing it. Not that I wanted to and that’s the reason I didn’t post more photos of Kim Wilson. It would help a little if some of the lights on stage left were adjusted slightly. 
I guess I’ll have to purchse either a 50mm 1.4 or Nikon just announced they upgraded their 85 mm 1.4, but at (I think) a cost of around $1,600. The 85 mm 1.4 hasn’t started shipping yet.
Most of my shots last night were with the 50mm 1.4. I tried to keep my ISO as low as I could and keep my shutter speed around 125.
I ended up leaving early last night.
I wish Ted success with the new location!