Saturday, October 30, 2010

Second Street Photography Studios...

On Friday, 10-29-10, I went down to the studio to hang some photos on one of the walls. While down there I got a call from John Magnus who wanted to know if I was doing a shoot. John just bought a new Norman Beauty Dish and wanted to set up his lights for todays shoot.

John came down and after setting up his lights he kept me company watching me hang my photos. I didn't have a plan so it took me longer than it probably should have.

Our door cling with our name. It came complete with bubbles!
These are the photos I hung.
Some of my equipment. The 53" deep Octa is in the case. It's a little big to keep set up in this room. All I have to do is open the bag and fold it out. Takes about a minute.
I shoot Elinchrom Style RX 600 monolights in the studio.
These are some of John Magnus' photos.
Andy Elliott's photos.
Autumn and Mike's.
Last week Tom Frisch had a couple cars parked inside the studio for a shoot.

After I put up my photos I went to see War at Wilebski's Blues Saloon. I'll process them some time this week-end. I'll probably go back down to Wilebski's tonight for Mississippi Heat.

On Sunday I'm going down to the studio. We want to set up a cyc wall so we are going to do some planning.

The other thing I want to do is watch some on-line training that Frank Doorhof did for Kelby on-line training. This was just posted on the NAPP site. I've been waiting for this. I really like Frank's work!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo

Back on Thursday, 10-14-10, I went to see Aaron and the guys at Club Underground in NE Minneapolis. The place was extremely dark and the place had both the annoying blue and red light. The combination of all three made photographing a real challenge.

I've been wondering what I was going to do with the images as I wasn't happy with the way they turned out of the camera.

I decided to experiment a little in post processing and the following is what I came up with.

I posted some on my website here, but I'm not sure if I will leave them there.

Edit (10-30-10): The more I look at the images below the more I like them, so I'll leave them up on my website.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eddie Kirkland and friends...

Eddie Kirkland

Saturday, 10-23-10, I decided to go to Wilebski’s about two hours before the music was going to start. Fog Hat was originally going to play, but for one reason or another they cancelled.

Eddie Kirkland was going to play with them. Eddie was still going to play Saturday night, but he was now going to play with Little Bobby and others.

When I got there I noticed that some people had the long ladders out adjusting the lights. I immediately noticed the stage lighting was much brighter. When I looked up to the ceiling I noticed that there were more banks of lights. If they kept these lights on this would be a much needed improvement.

I saw Eddie on stage warming up, so I went down to take a few practice shots to see what the lighting was like. I didn’t need to crank up my ISO as much as I normally have had to do in the past. I felt that tonight was going to actually be enjoyable instead of being a challenge.

There were several guys with their cameras that were taking video the entire evening. I spoke to one of the guys during one of the breaks who said they hope to video four or five bands. I think this must be the reason for the improvement in the lighting situation.

Of course one of the guys was in the corner where I normally start shooting. They had so many cameras no matter where I was I felt restrictive in my movements. The one guy said he has seen me shooting at Wilebski’s four or five times in the past. They knew my routine.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reverend Raven's CD, "Shake Your Boogie"

Here are some images of Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin' Altar Boys latest CD, Shake Your Boogie".

The front cover of the CD and the posters have a photo I took of the Reverend at the Bayfront Blues Festival. The photos used on the back and one photo on the inside were taken at the old Wilebski's Blues Saloon this past summer.

Jen Taylor of vividpix did a wonderful job with the photos. I really like the way the CD looks!! I also enjoy the music! I highly recommend the CD!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hoopsnakes and Reverend Raven... the Medina Ballroom on Saturday night, 10-16-10. Opening for the Hoopsnakes was Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Alter Boys.

The Reverend always puts on a good show. Tonight was no different. He got the crowd moving. I bought my ticket about a month ago so I got a reserved seat, although it wasn’t at one of the tables directly in front of the stage.

If you’ve ever been at the Medina Ballroom for a performance you know what I’m talking about. The tables are perpendicular to the stage and they start right at the stage. There’s no walking from one side of the stage to the other.

I was lucky to be able to move to one of those tables just before the Reverend began playing so I was able to be fairly close.

Just before the Reverend finished their last song several people came and claimed their seat. I moved off to the side of the stage.

I went and got my CD’s from the Rev and talked with the guys in the band. Tonight was the first night to see how Jen Taylor processed my original photos that were used for their new CD, Shake Your Boogie”. I’ll tried and take of few photos of the front, inside and back of their new CD later to post. The originakl photo of the Rev used on the front of the CD and their poster was taken this year at the Bayfront Blues Festival. The other photos were taken at the old Wilebski’s Blues Saloon.

I highly recommend picking up the Rev’s new CD.

I made my way back to the far side of the stage where I would begin watching the Hoopsnakes. There was a large, packed crowd so I wouldn’t be able to get too close to the band or walk around. Therefore I don’t have any close-up shots.

I eventually made my way to the opposite end of the stage close to where Bruce McCabe was playing. I stayed there the remainder of the show.

The Hoopsnakes put on a great show, also.

Hoopsnakes Photos

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sugar Blue

Friday, 10-15-10, I went to see Sugar Blue at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon. Sugar Blue was going to be playing both Friday and Saturday evening.

Barabara LeShoure was in the crowd listening. Bernard Allison showed up and talked with members of the band during the first break, although he didn’t get up and play.

The stage lighting was pretty good for taking photos, except the area where the guitar player was standing.

I talked to Joe Harewicz, “The Media Man”, at the show. He gave me a rough cut copy of a video of Sugar Blue he has been working on to review.

More Photos of Sugar Blue

Last Thursday evening I went and saw Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo at Club Underground in NE Minneapolis. The lighting was very dark! I had to raise my ISO up more than I like to raise it. I started to preview the images, but I’m not that happy with them. I’ll see if I can post a few, hopefully this week.

The band that played before Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo were Bluedog. While watching the band from across the room it appeared the lead singer and the girl on keys looked like they may be related.

I spoke to the youngest member, Alex Buffalohead, while Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo were setting up. I asked her how long the band had been together! She replied, before I was born. Oh! Then I asked her if the singer and her were sisters. No, that’s my mother. I’m sure she'll be happy to hear that.

Saturday night, 10-16-10, I went and saw Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Alter Boys and the Hoopsnakes.

I’m sure I got some good shots of the Reverend since I was able to get up right in front of the stage. When the Hoopsnakes began playing I had to stay off to the sides of the stage. All the tables in front of the stage filled up. It’s all reserved sitting in front so off to the side of the stage I went!!

I picked up my copies of the Reverend’s new CD, Shake Your Boogie. I haven’t listened to it yet. I will on my way to the Minnesota Music Cafe for the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame Ceremony.

When you pick up your copy of the Reverend’s new CD make sure you check the inside for the photo credits. Thank you Reverend for using my photos for the album concept. Jen Taylor at did wonders with my original images. Photos that were used were taken at the Bayfront Blues festival and at the old Wilebski’ Blues Saloon.

Here are a couple new paintings I saw at Wilebski's.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kim Buell's Polymer Clay Jewelry and photo cards...

at the NE Minneapolis Farmer's Market.

My friend, Kim Buell, another big time "Blues" person has a booth at the farmer's market. Today was the last day for this year. She invited me down with the promise to buy me a cup of coffee.

While there I decided a take a few shots. A young lady was there singing, so I took a few shots of her. I don't know what her name otherwise I would've posted it. If anyone knows please let me know.

I had seen some sample of Kim's work previously. She does exceptional work!!

Kim only has a couple items posted on "Esty", but there is a way to contact her from the site. She told me she's thinking of setting up a Facebook page. I told her if I can do it, she can do it.

Another lady, Sadia, asked me to take a few shots of her Gourmet Sauce while there so there a few shots of those as well.

I surprised her. She had her back turned to me. When she turned around I had my 3 foot lens pointed at her. Well, maybe it's not that long!