Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brenna Warren

On 01-21-12 I attended Tia Kras' "Twin Cities Fashion Show featuring Inspired INC. One of the models at the show was Brenna Warren. I was setting up my lights to photograph Brenna and while I was adjusting my lights I was able to talk with her a little bit. I found out that she had never done any modeling, but at one time had thought about it.

A day or so after the show Tia mentioned to me that she thought Brenna probably wouldn't be opposed to coming to my studio for a photo shoot. Tia confirmed that Brenna was in fact interested and she (Tia) would supply some clothing items.

Our photo shoot took place on Friday, 02-03-12. There's a link to more images right after these posted images.

Thank both Brenna and Tia.

Chuck Ryan Photography (Model Mayhem)