Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wilderness Canoe Trips & other info

Here are some links to some of the canoe trips that I took and wrote about or took some photos. Some will be narratives, photos or combination of both.

This past summer I took an 11 day, 161 mile solo canoe trip to Quetico. I wrote a trip report called, Quetico’s Trees, Rocks and Water: A Solo Journey. Here is the link to the website ( where I posted it. There are about 200 pictures as well.

Quetico's Trees, Rock and Water: A Solo Journey

Here is a link to some of the same photos in the above narrative, but on a different website ( and format.

Quetico Solo Photos

Then in September 2007 I wanted to paddle the Perent River between Perent Lake and Isabella Lake since I had never been on that section. I also wanted to check out the only document dark colored pictographs on the Island River just outside the BWCA.
Here is a link to my plans and a little bit what I described about the trip:

BWCA thread about the Perent River & my Plans

I got up there and decided to change my plans since there was snow in the forecast. My plan was to park my suburban at Isabella Lake and bike 25 miles to Hog Creek to begin my trip. I’m glad I made the change in plans as it wasn’t a nice day to be biking. It really was a nasty morning.

Anyways, that week-end I paddled Isabella Lake, Isabella River and the Island River. I took several photos of the pictographs.

I went back in October to finish what I originally wanted to do. I went back to the Island River looking for additional pictographs, and then the next day I biked the 25 miles from Isabella Lake to Hog Creek. I then paddle to Perent Lake and then did the Perent River. I enjoyed the Perent River.

I didn’t do a trip report but I did put a slideshow of the some of the photos I took from both of those week-ends. Here is the link to that slide show:
Isabella Area Canoe Trip Fall 2007 (Slideshow)

Just a couple photos of the dark colored pictographs on the website.
Dark Colored Pictographs near the BWCA on the Island River

Here is a narrative about a trip I did in 2006.
Big Water to No Water and Portages in Between.

I didn't put any photos from this trip in the narrative but I did put some of them on this website's photo Gallery. There are other photos as well.
CIIcanoe's Photo Journal

Quetico Solo Canoe Trip through the "Man Chain" to the "Bath Tub"

Kawishiwi Lake to Malberg to Fire Lake and Back

Here is a link to my short snowshoe trip up to Isabella Minnesota in December 2007. This is a slideshow. In fact, there is some pictures of my log outhouse I’m in the process of building and another slideshow.

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