Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bull-Nose Dolphin and Dad

Here is a photo of my father and the 40 lb. Bull-Nose Dolphin he caught today. It was 55 inches long. It took him 1 hour and forty minutes to bring him in. My father said he's sore all over, but it was a great day on the ocean.

My father and step-mother have a place in Key Colony Beach (KCB) in the Florida Keys. KCB is near Marathon about half way between Key Largo and Key West.

I got back from Florida on March 9th after spending 17 days. My father and I got out fishing twice the entire time I was down. The high winds prevented us from getting out any more. We caught several species of fish, but nothing of this size. The only time I do any fishing anymore is when I go to Florida.

I'll post some of my Florida photos later on.

Nice fish, Dad!


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