Friday, April 25, 2008

Cool Week-end...

(Photo of me taken by me on Argo Lake, Quetico on 07-08-07.)

The week-end is here and the weather is not quite what I wanted. The last two days have been cool and rainy. I decided to take yesterday, Thursday, off (rest day) since I hadn’t had a day off from doing some type of physical activity for 18 days.

Today, I went to the health club to lift weights. Tomorrow, I’m planning on getting out fairly early in the morning to go paddling before I head to Midwest Mountaineering for the Outdoor Expo. I heard there is supposed to be snow in the morning…..

This Sunday is the Ironman Bike ride. I checked the weather forecast and all it has done for the past week is go downhill and get worst. Right now the temperature is forecasted for a high of 39 degrees with rain or snow in spots. I still have a day for it to change again.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I contacted three other guys last week and expressed my interest in filling their last spot to go on a wilderness canoe trip to Wabakimi Provincial Park with them. This park is 150 miles north of Thunder Bay. Well, I have been accepted to fill the last spot. This trip is August 9-­23th. I will write more about this trip at a later date.


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