Thursday, May 8, 2008

Snake River Canoe Race Announcer's Notes on Bob Lindig

I’ve spoke to Rita Sunberg, one of the promotor’s of the Snake River Canoe Race, and we have been e-mailing each because I wanted some information on the Snake River Canoe Race. I also requested she send me the announcer’s notes that were read before the start of the race about Bob Lindig and I told her I would put it on my blog:

“We are excited about our race this year, but we are also saddened by the loss of this race's founder, Bob Lindig. Many of us were with Bob in the American Legion Club in Mora when he proposed developing the Mora Classic Series. Unfortunately, there wasn't a Canoe Race and many of us were literally drafted into becoming the original Snake River Canoe Club board. During these 27 years Bob has been the heart, soul and life of this wonderful race. It is for that and for many other reasons that we dedicate this year's race to the memory of Bob Lindig.”

(I didn't have my camera with me yesterday, so I thought I would post a couple photos from August 17, 2003. This is Kevin LeRoy of Wisconsin in the bow and that's me in the stern, not Neil. This was the Mississippi Classic.)
Wednesday night, 05-07-08, I went for a paddle on the Mississippi River. I forgot my camera. The current was mighty fast. I didn’t paddle right along the shore going upstream, but out in the main current so I would have a good work-out. I just did a steady, hard paddle upstream for 1 hour and thirty minutes. Coming back downstream it only took me thirty –five minutes. I was flying! The total time on the water was 2 hours and five minutes.

On Tuesday I actually was doing one minute on / one minute off intervals coming back downstream. It felt good to change it up some.

Tonight, I went to the health club and lifted weights. I’ve been slowly cutting back on the weights. I was lifting every other day, now it probably a couple times a week. I’m going to try and stick with a couple times a week for a while.

I made arrangements to race with Ed Arenz in the Rum River Flag race on May 18th. This is a race where we will paddle upstream and when we turn around to come back downstream we have to move close to shore and grab a small flag that is stuck in the ground. Then the flag must be placed somewhere on the canoe where the flag is upright. I’ve always stuck it with the water bottle in the hole behind the bow paddler. There is prize money in this race.

That’s the only race that I know I’m doing so far. I used to put out the Minnesota Canoe Racing Schedule when I was the racing director for the Minnesota Canoe Association. I know I’ve seen one after I quit, but I haven’t seen one this year and the season has started. I guess no one is doing one this year for Minnesota.

Since I’m back in shape I should start asking around on who would want to do the AuSable Canoe Race with me this year.
Chuck II

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