Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I’ve had a few people ask me, what does CIIcanoe stand for or how did you come up with the name.

When I was looking for an e-mail name several years ago I wanted C2canoe, but someone else had it. Since my father and I have the same name, Charles or Chuck, I kept the “C”.

My real name does have the “II” (Roman Numeral Two) , pronounce “the 2nd”, at the end.

When I’m around my father and someone wants to get my attention they usually say, Chuck 2. If I leave a note at my father’s place I will either write, C II or Chuck II. Either way I pronounce it, C 2 or Chuck 2.

The problem is when I give someone my e-mail address or Blog I always have to say, “C” “i” “i” canoe.

It would be much easier just to say chuckryan at xxxx or chuckryan.com, but it's too late.

There you have it. I think I’m confused now.

I went for a two hour paddle tonight in my C-1 tonight on the Mississippi River. It stopped raining about 5 minutes before I started paddling.

It ended up being a nice night to be on the river. The rain had stopped, the temperature was about 60 degrees, very little wind, no motor boats and there was plenty of water to dip my paddle.

I was coming back downstream and the sun was shining on the Anoka Champlin Bridge as well as the new foliage on the trees on both sides of the river. I think Spring is here!

Chuck II

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