Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bill Briggs says Yes for the AuSable!

Bill Briggs from Winnipeg, Manitoba told me today that he would do the AuSable River Canoe Marathon in Grayling, Michigan with me. We have never paddled together before, so we are going to do the Chippewa Triathlon together in June before the AuSable just in case we have to make some changes to my canoe.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the race here is the website:

This race is a non-stop, 120 mile canoe race that starts at 9 pm and to be recognized as an official finisher the paddlers must finish the race within 19 hours. There are several cut-off times through out the race course, also. If a paddler doesn’t make one of cut-off times they are finished.

On Monday, 05-19-08, Ed Arenz and I paddled the Rum River for 2 hours and fifty-five minutes. Afterwards I spent time posting the Rum River Flag Race narrative and pictures to my blog. Skinny ski once again ,, put a link to my blog about the Flag Race on their website. Thanks, Bruce!

I was told to contact,, because they wanted some pictures from the Flag Race. I sent them the narrative and some photos. They were having some problems with the size of the pictures. Grace with the newspaper said she would take some photos off my blog once it was posted. I don’t know if they will print the narrative or not or if they will use any photos. If anyone sees the narrative or photos in the paper let me know.

Tuesday, 05-20-08, I went to the health Club and lifted weights with my legs. Then I did intervals on the stationary bike for an hour.

Tonight, 05-21-08, it was back to the Mississippi River out of Champlin in my C-1 for two hours and fifteen minutes. It was a nice evening to paddle.



Unknown said...

Congrats on the matching Chuck! Billy is an awesome paddler. See you on the water

CIIcanoe said...


I'm looking forward to paddling with Bill. We should match up pretty good.

We are also going to do the Chippewa Triathlon and then the next day, Red Bridge Run Canoe Race,in Park Rapids prior to the marathon.