Friday, December 31, 2021

Give a Hoot, the male Great Horned Owl 12-24-21

 Give a Hoot 12-24-21

On Friday, 12-24-21, I found Give a Hoot, the male Great Horned Owl in a different area that I call Area B. When I checked the normal Great Horned Owl territory for Hoot and Give a Hoot I could tell the area had been disturbed sometime during the day. After I got done searching most of the Area A I crossed into the area that I know Give a Hoot to fly to when he leaves this area. I usually only go to Area B when there is no water or if its frozen where I need to cross otherwise its a very long walk.

I located Give a Hoot where I’ve located him a few times last winter. Although, he didn’t fly away he was less than happy to see me. He was alert and actively hunting.

I stayed with him until 1700 hrs hoping to hear him responding to Hoots calls. A couple days ago when I found Hoot, the female, she called several times to him, but it didn’t sound like he was responding back her. Since I didn’t find her today, although I didn’t finish searching all of Area A, I would have liked to know which area she was in.

One of the reasons was last year, December 25, that was the last day I saw Hoot in her normal area. It took me 39 days to find her in another area, not where I was today, where I saw her two days in a row. It was another 34 days after that before I found her yet in another area on a nest. Last winter It appears that Hoot started nesting shortly after I saw her the two days in early February 2021.

I found Hoot on the nest on 03-09-21. Give a Hoot and her raised two owlets.

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