Friday, December 17, 2021

Barred Owl 12-07-21...


On Tuesday, 12-07-21, I went out looking for the owls. It took me about an hour and twenty minutes before I found my favorite Barred Owl. I haven’t seen the “little guy” for almost 10 months. I had already thought something must have happened to him, so I was very happy I found him today.

I almost walked right by him. I was no more than 5 yards from him when I saw him. I backed up another 5 yards and started to get set up. I knew I didn’t need my 1.4x teleconverter so I took that off. When I was set up I was still too close for video so I probably backed up another 5 yards.

This particular owl is very trusting and has never gotten alarmed with me being around. I took a few shots where I was set up with my tripod before I took my camera to get a couple more shots from a few different angles before going back to the tripod.

I spent one hour and forty-five minutes with it today. I took both photos and video. Once it woke up and did some stretches I could see he was activity hunting. He took off at 1625 hrs and flew to where he was hearing his next meal.

On my way out I walked over to him and said, good-bye and happy hunting!

Here are some images of my favorite Barred Owl…


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