Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Hoot...the female Great Horned Owl Update

Today, after many days and walking many hours in the woods I found “Hoot”, the female Great Horned Owl, sitting on a nest. 
Today, I saw a potential nesting site and although it was fairly dark up in the tree I thought I saw the outline of a Great Horned Owls head amongst the many branches. I looked through my binoculars and saw her eyes looking directly at me. I immediately knew this was “Hoot”.
It was back on 12-25-20 that we last got to spend some quality time together. On that day I found her male friend, Give a Hoot, perched by her favorite conifer tree. Once he left I located Hoot all snuggled up in the tree. I waited over 2 hours for her to wake up. Once she woke up it didn’t take her long before she began doing over 50 territorial calls. I took lots of video and it wasn’t long before I could hear “Give a Hoot” calling back in the distance, but getting closer.
Then it was 39 days before I found her in another area on 02-02-21. The next day, 02-03-21, I located her again. She was sleeping in a spruce tree camouflaged behind several branches, but I took a couple shots anyways. The way she was roosting in the tree I wasn’t going to get any better pictures of her that day so I left her sleeping. 
It took me another 34 days before I found her on the nest today.


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