Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Hoot, the female Great Horned Owl...daily photos for 03-29-21 and 03-30-21

Monday, 03-29-21, I spent a couple hours looking for the Barred Owl, but I didn’t find it. I also went and checked on Hoot, the Great Horned Owl. When I checked on her she was laying low in the nest with the 20+ mile an hour winds. The owlets were up there somewhere. Today was just the daily photo so I went in took the shot and left. It’s supposed to be another windy day tomorrow.

Also, the last time I was in this particular area there was a dead squirrel that was pulled half way out of the cavity. Before that I saw the outline of a squirrel tail that hadn't moved for about a week. Today I saw what looks like a sleeping racoon in the cavity. I wonder if this was originally the home of a squirrel when the racoon showed up to take possession of the cavity.

Tuesday, 03-30-21, I went to check on Hoot, the female Great Horned Owl, and her two owlets. The winds have been blowing 20+ mph again today. When I got to the nest it was moving back and forth. Hoot was laying low as was the owlet next to her on her right. I’m guessing that the other owlet was up in front of her. There’s not much room up on the nest for all three now that the two owlets have gotten so much bigger and for any food (rabbit) that is stored up there until it's feeding time. Here are the daily photos…. 


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