Sunday, March 21, 2021

Hoot, the female Great Horned Owl ...03-19-21 and 03-20-21

 Friday, 03-19-21, I went out and took Hoots daily picture...
Saturday, 03-20-21, I went out looking for the Barred Owl which I didn’t find. So I went to check on Hoot, the female Great Horned Owl, who is on a nest. I was concerned how her nest was holding up in today’s strong wind. It appeared to be doing alright. I was glad that they are still brooding so less likely they would be blown out of the nest.

Since I got done earlier than I thought looking for the Barred Owl, I actually set up my gear and was planning to watch Hoot for awhile. She was positioned with her tail into the wind. After I took a couple shots it appeared the shots weren’t going to be as good as if she was turned around and the fact I wouldn’t able able to see the owlets I packed up after a few minutes and left.


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