Sunday, March 21, 2021

"Hoot" and an Owlet in the Nest... 03-19-21

On Friday, 03-19-21, I went out and sat with Hoot for another 4 hours. It was a Friday afternoon with warmer temperatures. There were more distractions and disturbances from all the activities taking place around where she is nesting.

On 03-17-21 the last time I spent 4 hours with Hoot I saw that there were two owlets in the nest. One of them appeared to have its eyes partially open and the other with its eyes closed.

While reviewing the video clips on, 03-19-21, it appears that only one owlet, the one with its eyes closed, was the only one active today. If I saw the one owlet I thought I would have seen the other one active as well. The owlet with its eyes partially open would be a couple days older.

Sunset was at 1925 hrs. I couldn’t hear any calls from Give a Hoot while I was watching Hoot, but at 1925 hrs Hoot flew off the nest for her meeting with him and to grab some food. She usually flies off the nest around sunset or shortly afterwards.

I packed up my gear and as I was walking out I could hear Give a Hoot making territorial calls in the distance. He probably didn’t come any closer to Hoot tonight,  because of all the activity taking place around her nesting area.

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