Monday, February 15, 2021

I saw the male Great Horned Owl, "Give a Hoot" ...


I saw the male Great Horned Owl, "Give a Hoot" ...
I got out this afternoon to look for the owls. After not finding the Barred Owl in one of its known areas I decided to walk the area where I’ve previously seen the male Great Horned Owl, the female Great Horned Owl and last Thursday, the Barred Owl. 
I was kind of meandering when I looked up in a large oak tree and saw the male Great Horned Owl, “Give a Hoot”. I was close enough to him to be able to identify him without glassing him.
If you have read any of my other postings about him he doesn’t stick around very long. I didn’t even try removing my backpack to get my camera out, so instead I reached inside my front pants pocket for my GoPro and thought I turned it on and was recording video as he flew off to another part of the woods. I was going to post the video when I got home, but determined that the GoPro had turned on in my pocket, so when I took it out of my pocket I turned it off and after he flew off I started the GoPro again before putting it back in my pocket. I had lots of totally black/blank video with the sounds of me walking around in the woods. While walking around I heard the GoPro turn off while in my pocket when the battery was exhausted. 
The Barred Owl wasn’t going to be found in this part of the woods after the male GHO was perched there, so I walked about another half mile to where I know of another Barred Owl. I didn’t find him, but I saw two Pileated Woodpeckers. 
I continued to walk the woods for almost 3 hours, but I didn’t find anymore owls. When I walk the woods without stopping to photograph I'll walk between two to three miles with a 30 pound backpack. When I left the house it was -5F and when I got back home it was -6F.
Tomorrow I’ll probably head to another completely different area to look for another Great Horned Owl that I’ve seen a couple times, but I haven’t been able to photograph it yet.

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