Thursday, February 11, 2021

Barred Owl 02-11-21...

Today, I went to two different areas looking for owls. The first area I spent 1 3/4 hours looking for a Great Horned Owl, but didn’t find it. This was the fourth time in this particular area and I’ve seen it two times.
Since I started earlier than I normally do I decided to go back to my normal area to look for either a different GHO or the Barred Owl. 
It didn’t take long for the Barred Owl to find me. I didn’t see where it started flying from, but it flew directly toward me and landed about 10 yards away. I’m not sure if it missed me or not 🙂, but it had been 10 days since I last saw it. This is the Barred Owl that I’ve photographed several times in the past. 
Today I spent 2 1/2 hours with it. Here are some of the images…



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