Friday, February 26, 2021

Great Horned Owl (male)..."Give a Hoot"

 On Friday, 02-26-21, I decided at the last minute to go out and see if I could find the Barred Owl, but I also would check an area for the Great Horned Owl.

I walked some of the fringes of the Great Horned Owl territory for the Barred Owl, but didn’t find him.  Next I walked the middle of the Great Horned Owl area and found the male, “Give a Hoot”. I found him perched over looking a marsh area, but he was blocked by some branches so I wasn’t able to get any good branch free shots of him.

“Give a Hoot’ flew across the marsh where I was able to get some better shots of him although he was quite far away. I took several video clips of him which I’ll review later. I watched him for over 2 hours today.

Here are the images I got today…




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