Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saba Khan

About three weeks ago or so I was looking for a model to fill in for a cancellation at the last minute. I saw that Saba had posted on a couple different sites that she was interested in trying to do some modeling. She had never done anything like it before.

I sent Saba an e-mail, but she didn't check it for about a week. When she saw my e-mail she posted on one of the photography sites that she was still interested. Well, Saba's first photo shoot was this past Friday.

We did some basic stuff just for her to get used to being in front of the camera. She expressed interest in maybe doing another one with me in the future.

The first set of shots were done on the white background. I used two Elinchrom RX600 lights bounced into v-cards (foam core) to light the background 1.5 stops higher than Saba. I shot Saba at f/8.0 using a Elinchrom RX600 with an Elinchrom 74" Octabank on camera left. I brought another foam core board on camera right as fill.
This is my usual set-up when shooting high key. This way I don't have to keep adjusting my lights to shoot the model either standing up, seated or laying on the ground.

Then I wanted to do some head shots using the beauty dish. These shots were much more edgier. I shot against a gray seamless paper.

I started out with a Elinchrom 27" beauty dish (white) without any diffusion sock above Saba with white foam core board about chest level as fill. A couple things, the white foam core wasn't filling in the shadows as I would have liked. Also the background was a little to dark.

Eventually I used a silver reflector as fill. One RX600 light with barn doors on the back of Saba's hair on camera left. Another RX600 with a 14" x 35" softbox to light the paper on camera left.

I've had a diffusion sock for the beauty dish on back order for a little while now, but it should be here tomorrow. I'll have to try some more head shots to see the difference in the light.

Thank You, Saba! I enjoyed the time at the studio. I hope it was a fun day for you, too.

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