Thursday, February 24, 2011

Avey Brothers

On Saturday, 02-19-11, the Avey Brothers played at Wilebski's Blues Saloon. They started right at 07:30 pm and played until midnight. I enjoyed listening to them. I would have bought their CD but they said they just got back from Canada and were all sold out.

Marilyn and Kim. I had been trying to get a photo of Marilyn, but she kept running away! Why, Marilyn? Kim saw what I was trying to do and captured her. You can tell by Marilyn's expression she was very happy to have her photo taken. Thank you for the cooperation. :)
Many of you may think this the back of Kim from my other images like this, but her name was Kathleen. I had never seen her at Wilebski's before. She came down with two other ladies from north of the Twin Cities.

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