Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sugar Blue

Friday, 10-15-10, I went to see Sugar Blue at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon. Sugar Blue was going to be playing both Friday and Saturday evening.

Barabara LeShoure was in the crowd listening. Bernard Allison showed up and talked with members of the band during the first break, although he didn’t get up and play.

The stage lighting was pretty good for taking photos, except the area where the guitar player was standing.

I talked to Joe Harewicz, “The Media Man”, at the show. He gave me a rough cut copy of a video of Sugar Blue he has been working on to review.

More Photos of Sugar Blue

Last Thursday evening I went and saw Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo at Club Underground in NE Minneapolis. The lighting was very dark! I had to raise my ISO up more than I like to raise it. I started to preview the images, but I’m not that happy with them. I’ll see if I can post a few, hopefully this week.

The band that played before Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo were Bluedog. While watching the band from across the room it appeared the lead singer and the girl on keys looked like they may be related.

I spoke to the youngest member, Alex Buffalohead, while Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo were setting up. I asked her how long the band had been together! She replied, before I was born. Oh! Then I asked her if the singer and her were sisters. No, that’s my mother. I’m sure she'll be happy to hear that.

Saturday night, 10-16-10, I went and saw Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Alter Boys and the Hoopsnakes.

I’m sure I got some good shots of the Reverend since I was able to get up right in front of the stage. When the Hoopsnakes began playing I had to stay off to the sides of the stage. All the tables in front of the stage filled up. It’s all reserved sitting in front so off to the side of the stage I went!!

I picked up my copies of the Reverend’s new CD, Shake Your Boogie. I haven’t listened to it yet. I will on my way to the Minnesota Music Cafe for the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame Ceremony.

When you pick up your copy of the Reverend’s new CD make sure you check the inside for the photo credits. Thank you Reverend for using my photos for the album concept. Jen Taylor at did wonders with my original images. Photos that were used were taken at the Bayfront Blues festival and at the old Wilebski’ Blues Saloon.

Here are a couple new paintings I saw at Wilebski's.

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