Sunday, October 10, 2010

Second Street Photography Studios...

Here is a sneak peak at our studio that several of us began moving in last Wednesday, 10-06-10. We spent Wednesday and Thursday evening painting. The area we painted was the smaller 1,800 square foot area. The warehouse area is where we will eventually have several shooting areas set up is about 7,000 sq. ft.

There are 5 of us who started looking for a studio together a couple months ago. This core group all knew one another and we shot together in the Minnesota Strobist group. We are Chuck Ryan (me), John Magnus, Andy Elliott, Tom Frisch and Scott Traczyk.

We did have a sixth person, but he needed to back out because of personal reasons.

Our last photographers are Autumn Lee and Mike Voges. Here is Autumn's personal site. Here is their business site.They work together.

Well, here are some quick photos, nothing special, just to give you a glimpse of the huge amount of space we have to shoot in. We are just starting to acquire furniture for the place, but we all are open for business. John Magnus had a shoot last Friday with Harbor.

We are able to drive vehicles into the studio. Tom Frisch has a shoot scheduled for this coming week-end.
The front door.
Just inside the front door. Before the painting began.

Sorry John...but I needed to take a photo. That's John looking busy. You can see the front door in the upper right.
This is the room off the first room.
A smaller room.
Hallway leading to another small room.
The other smaller room.
Another view of the second room.
A view of the third room.
The bathroom in the 1,800 sq. ft. area.
The doors leading to the warehouse area of 7,000 sq. ft. prior to be painted.
Just inside the double doors to the warehouse looking to the left. This would be considered the middle warehouse section.
Pretty much standing in the same area looking to the right. This warehouse would be considered the middle area.

Another view of the middle warehouse area.
I stepped through an opening into the larger and third part of the warehouse. This view would be from the same generally area as the previous shot.
Going to another corner of the third part.
This shot is kitty corner from the first shot in the third part of the warehouse. This week the stuff in the top of the photo will be moved out, so the floors in the warehouse can be cleaned.

All this stuff will be moved out.
Another smaller area off the middle warehouse area.Another smaller room off this room.
This area has character!

Here is John, again.
The front room after being painted except the edges.
Middle room after being painted. That's Andy.

This was Thursday night and John had to set up for a shoot with Harbor on Friday.

The three glass tables were purchased tonight.

There you have it. We still have a lot to do, but we also will be shooting.


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