Monday, September 6, 2010

Sena Ehrhardt Band

This past week-end I was busy taking photos of some different bands. On Friday night, I was down at Wilebski’s Blue Saloon to see John Primer play some real Chicago blues. Excellent performace! If you ever get a chance to see John...Go! 
I bought his CD, All Original, while there.  I’ve listened to it several times this week-end while driving to different places. I’ve enjoyed it!
I posted the link to the photos of John Primer in the previous post.
On Saturday, 09-04-10, I was back down to Wilebski's to see the Sena Ehrhardt Band. I’ve never really listened to them, but I was pleasantly pleased hearing them in person.  As you can see from the photos, Sena is very photogenic. 

The sound was the best it has been since they opened in the new venue. There weren't any of the same problems as in the past few weeks. Hopefully things have been worked out.
Sunday, 09-05-10 was the Minnesota State Fair day for me. I probably haven’t been to the State Fair in 15 years. If it wasn’t for going to see a couple bands to listen to and photograph I wouldn’t have gone. There are just too many people!
I was there before noon to see Pete Neuman and the Real Deal. I saw these guys about a month ago at the Blues on the Chippewa Festival in Durand, WI. Here are some photos of them from the Blues on the Chippewa. I’ll post photos of them at the State Fair later.
Next, I went over to Famous Dave’s where I knew Good Time Willy was going to be recording a live CD. I knew Mark Williams, Willy, was going to have some fiends perform with his band. There was Bruce McCabe, Steve Clarke, Boom Boom Steve V that I knew who were going to be playing. Some others who made an appearance were Hurricane Harold Tremblay of Cool Disposition, Tom Harkness of the Swamp Kings, and John Franken. 
It was a very fun time!!!!! The crowd was awesome and I met several nice people. Different members of the band would go out into the crowd and play. You had to be there! I’m sure many of the folks are still talking about the great time everyone was having!

Photos of Good Time Willy at the Blues on the Chippewa.
After Good Time Willy I walked back over to the DNR stage to see Pete Neuman’s  last set before going to see Alison Scott. I figured since I was at the Fair I may as well go over and take a few shots of her.
When I began shooting Alison I noticed that the lights from the sides of the stage were hitting her mic stand and there were shadows being cast upon her face. I tried to get some shots of her without the shadows. Tough to do the way she sings. I'm not saying anything bad the way she sings, but that the lights could have been set up better. If there were some lights to the front it would have knocked down those shadows. I’ve uploaded her photos, but I haven’t gone through them yet.
On Monday I drove to Menomonie, Wi to see Mojo Lemon play. Again, I'll post photos later. They were also at the Blues on the Chippewa. Josh is good for some facial expressions when he plays his guitar. Here are the photos from the Blues on the Chippewa. 
Well, now I have to post the photos I took, so tonight I processed the Sena Ehrhardt Band photos and they are posted on my website.
Keep checking back for the other photos from this past week-end.  

Sena Ehrhardt Band
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