Thursday, September 30, 2010 frustrating experience!

Well, a couple months ago I decided to set up a business Facebook page, Chuck Ryan Photography, after a friend of mine said it was easy to set up. Although he only has a personal page.

Many of the models that I’ve worked with have Facebook pages and are always asking me if I was on Facebook...I would say, no!

Other individuals / bands have posted some of my music photography and links from their Facebook pages to my Chuck Ryan Photography website. With the new “Blogger in Draft” I’m able to see some statistics on my and I’m seeing traffic from these Facebook pages to my blog.

I’ve been avoiding setting a Facebook page up, but I guess I should have one. So far the frustration has been greater than the benefit!

It’s probably been a couple months ago that I started this process. On my first try I entered my name Chuck Ryan. I thought I would be able to change the name to Chuck Ryan Photography. That didn’t I tried my real name, but Facebook wouldn’t allow me to do that either. After about an hour of trying all I wanted to do was delete ALL my information. It said something to the fact after 15 days all my information would be deleted. Like I needed that much time to reconsider....

Fifteen days arrived and I tried it again. On the Facebook page it asked me if I had an account. Oh, course I said no since all my information should have been deleted. I entered my e-mail address! It said I currently have an account. Oh, I thought my data was going to be deleted. I hit the button that I wanted to cancel Facebook again and to have my account deleted like the message said it would or should have done. The message read that my account would be permanently deleted by September 3, 2010. This would be another 15 days.

I waited about 21 days before signing up for Facebook again. It asked me if I had an existing account, once again, I said NO! I entered my e-mail address and I was able to set up the Chuck Ryan Photography page. Then it asked my name so I put in Charles W. Ryan II.

When I entered my name I thought I was saying who was the administrator of Chuck Ryan Photography. It appears I have a business page and a personal page. I really don’t care to have a personal page, but I can live with it.

Here’s my problem and the reason I have’t tried to get ” friends or likes”. In fact. I haven’t set the Facebook pages up completely because I’ve posted two messages on two different business Facebook pages thinking I was going to post something under Chuck Ryan Photography, but it does it under my name of my personal page. I want to post messages under Chuck Ryan Photography and not under my personal page.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this?

Edit on 10-12-10:

Personal Facebook page:

Chuck Ryan Photography (Business page)

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Bruce Palaggi said...

Chuck, we met at Kelby's photowalk last year and again this year. I'm the one who told you about the benefits of NAPP. Anyway, sorry to hear about the problems you're having with Facebook. There are plenty of quirks that can be frustrating! I went to your photography fan page and clicked "Like" to add my name to your list of fans. It seems to work properly and all you should have to do is go to your page and post a message. I have found that the easiest way (for me) is to add the direct link to my fan page as a favorite/bookmark so that I can get to my page with one click. Your direct link is

Give this a try and see if it helps.

Good Luck,
Bruce Palaggi