Monday, September 27, 2010

Randy McAllister

Saturday night, 09-25-10, Randy McAllister played at Wilebski's Blues Saloon. Texas Slim was on guitar.

I didn't stay all night, but Randy puts on a good show.

Randy had his drum set set up in front of the venues set. Randy was lit totally red. I turned most of the images to b & w. I also needed to raise my ISO up too much. The white light that is on stage right hasn't been on since Shawn Pittman played. I hope to see the light on...hint, hint!

The sound has been much better after getting the sound board repaired a couple weeks ago, but there's still a problem with the lights for the stage blowing a circuit.

I noticed there was a different sound board and a different sound guy on Saturday night.

Well, here are some of the images I took from the evening.

I looked over and saw the light from the ATM hitting this young lady, so I decided to take a quick photo!


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