Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Time Willy

...at the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday, 09-05-10. I mentioned in a previous post that Mark (Willy) and his band, Good Time Willy, were going to be recording a Live CD. I'm in the process of uploading to my website over 150 photos from the party at Famous Dave's at the Fair. I posted more photos than I should but hopefully you'll get the idea of the fun time everyone was having! The stage was very small and at the start I tried to avoid as many distractions as I could, but then I decided to treat the shoot as an event. Anything went!

I want to thank all the wonderful people I met that day. As you can see from the photos everyone was getting into the music. How could you not!!

Good Time Willy (MySpace)

Good Time Willy (Facebook)



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