Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/11 Remembered Music Festival

Shaw’s Bar and Grill in NE Minneapolis was having their annual 9/11 Remembered Music Festival on Friday, 09-10-10 and Saturday, 09-11-10.
The music was supposed to start at 4 pm each day. I got there a little after 4 pm on Friday. I was walking up the sidewalk when I spotted Kay. Kay does some Blues Festival reviews for Lonnie. I met her on opening week-end at Wilebski’s opening week-end.
Kay said she was waiting for some friends of hers to show up. The music wasn’t going yet, so we sat at a table right in front and talked a bit. Eventually her friends began showing up as well as Lonnie. Once the music started I began taking photos of the band.

Mike Shaw was playing keys. Some of the ladies I met were Judy, Grace, Kim and a few more who I forgot their names.

Between sets a 14 year old who goes by Lil Diamond or something similar played a little acoustic stuff.
The main performer was Maxx Cabello, Jr. from the Bay area of  California. He put on a very good show. 
Kim had her purse stolen from the table where Kay and I originally sat . I saw some people chasing the suspect, but at the time I didn’t know what was going on. Maxx saw the people running by and asked what was that all about? The crowd yelled that a purse was stolen. I haven’t heard the complete story, but I’ve heard from some people who have heard that they know who the suspect is. I don’t know if they know his name or not.

The next day Grace, who lives nearby, found Kim’s purse about a half block away. The only stuff taken were her keys to her car and her camera. Kim had her ID on her. 
The lighting for taking photos was pretty poor. I had to bump my ISO up to 3200 and there was the problem of the red gelled lights.
On Saturday the music was also going to start at 4 pm. Since the music didn’t start on time the day before I decided to get there after 4 pm. Well, Paul Mayasich was already playing. Paul was playing with Bobby Vandell on drums and John Iden on bass.
Kim dancing to one of the first songs before the crowd showed up!

The headliner was Scott Holt. I just saw Scott up in Duluth at the Bayfront Blues Festival. I looked forward to seeing him play up close. He didn’t disappoint.  Luckily, I brought enough earplugs to give to Grace and Judy, since we were all right up front. 

The lighting for taking photos was much better the entire evening. There were a few more lights around the stage so I was able to keep my ISO around 1600 to 2000. 
Earlier in the evening a guy came up to me and asked me where he could see the photos I was taking. I handed him my card with the information. It was later on, at least and hour or so, this same guy comes up to me totally intoxicated and gives me back my card. Then he proceeds to get in my face and starts complaining that he didn’t come there to see me take photos, that I didn’t have to take as many photos as I did, and then he began the derogatory name calling. 
I stood there and waited for him to say what he wanted to say, then when he began repeating himself.  I told him he had said what he had to say and I didn’t have to hear it again. I told him to move along! He told me he didn’t have to leave, and that I should leave. 
After a short stand still I took a few steps away from him to get him out of my face. The obnoxious drunk felt he needed to come back over to me. Once agin he’s back in my face. He must had forgotten what he just told me, so he proceeds to once again repeat himself.
I walked from one end of the tent to the other end where one of the employees was taking the money for the wrist bands for the evening as the obnoxious drunk follows behind me. I quickly explain to the employee that the person is causing me problems and won’t leave me alone. I walked back to my table while the drunk talks to the employee.  

I go back to my table and once again the same guy is back in my face within a few minutes. This time my natural reaction was to grab him by the front of his shirt and tell him in not so nice of words to leave me alone and to stay away. A few more words were exchanged, but from my line a business your not going to talk and make any sense to an obnoxious drunk. 
Back up to the same employee as the obnoxious drunk once again follows me. Once again, I tell the employee that the drunk is causing me problems and that I wanted him removed or I was going to call the police.
This time I walk back to another area next to the stage and a few minutes later the same guy drunk was standing where I was previously standing while looking around.I watch him and then finally I see his lady friend come up and they begin dancing. 
I know who his lady friend is so if I need to I will be able to find out his name.
Afterwards another person I met the day before came up to me and asked me what was going on with the guy. She told me he was giving her a bad time, also. She told me his lady friend was gone for awhile when this was all taking place. She said his lady friend was a nice person, but I told her he wasn’t and he’s a drunk.
I wasn’t too happy the way the employee allowed this person who was causing problems with the customer (me). If I get a chance I’ll explain this situation to the owner. The music was very loud and I thought I may have heard the employee call the drunk by his name. That would explain why this person was allowed to stay.
On Sunday, I thought about this incident and another one. While up at the Bayfront Blues Festival in August I had a drunk come up to me and basically was saying the same stuff to me. I wasn’t paying that close attention to the guy because I didn’t want to listen to him more than I had too.  I noticed after he was done telling me his thoughts he sat down in the front row (this was in the tent) and his lady friend joined him a few minutes later. Now that I thought about this I’m pretty sure this is the same person drunk.
I’m not sure why he has a problem with me because there were several other people taking photos and many more people dancing who might have also be in his way. 
I had a good time listening to some good music and meeting some new “blues” friends, but it ended up on a bad note. Oh, well.....

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