Sunday, May 16, 2021

Great Horned Owlet... 05-09-21


Great Horned Owlet
When I went out on Sunday, 05-09-21, I only found one of the owlets. It was perched in the same spot as on 05-06-21 when it was perched next to the other one. 
I checked the surrounding areas for Hoot, the female, and the other owlet, but couldn’t find them. Although, the leaves are making it very difficult to locate them I thought I looked pretty good, but I could have easily missed them. 
While walking back from looking for Hoot and the other owlet this one had changed its position so I was able to get some unobstructed shots of it. I scanned the area just in case this was the other owlet and I might have originally missed it. 
Tomorrow, I hope to go back out and see if this one is still in the same spot.
I went back out on Monday, 05-10-21, and spent 2.5 hours looking for Hoot and the owlets, but didn't find them. The leaves on the trees make it difficult to see the owls from a distance. I went back out on Thursday, 05-13-21 and I still didn't locate them.


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