Friday, June 20, 2008

Marathon Canoe Racing Videos

Here are some videos of the AuSable Canoe Marathon in Michigan. Bill Briggs and I are doing it this year. The only time I've done this race was in 2000 with Al DuBois.

AuSable Canoe Marathon Start:

2005 Curley Canoe Race:

2005 Weyerhauser AuSable Canoe Marathon:

2007 AuSable Canoe Marathon:

AuSable Canoe Marathon Intro:

2006 AuSable Teaser:

Ausable (very short):

2007 AuSable Teaser/Promo:

Here is a video of the start of the General Clinton in New York. I did this race in 2002 with Tom Gardner and in 2003 with Al DuBois.

2007 General Clinton Canoe regatta:

Chuck Ryan

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