Friday, December 11, 2020

Great Horned Owl...the video

On 12-10-20 I went out to check on "my" Great Horned Owl. I found her where I figured she would be, although I glassed the tree from a distance and I didn't see her. Once again, I walked right up to her in her tree before I saw her so I backtracked to get out my camera gear out of my backpack. Once I got it all ready I made my way to where I could get the best view. I was about 22 yards from her tree. It would have been another fabulous view EXCEPT for one small horizontal branch distracting her neck area. I only took a few photographs since that horizontal branch was very me. Since I knew the photos weren't going to get any better with that branch in the way, I took mostly video clips of her. I was hoping to capture some of her behaviors including her wake-up routine like I captured with photographs a few days earlier. Today I was with her for 2 hours and fifty minutes with the first hour and forty minutes where she slept and moved very little. After she woke up she changed positions on the branch and she appeared to be actively hunting.

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