Sunday, October 7, 2012

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 09-30-12 / Last Day of the Season for 2012

On Sunday, 09-30-12, I went back to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for my fifth time this year. It would be the last day of the season for 2012. There is always something to photograph. I began the day photographing the "Princess Court" and "The Vodca Family". After that I just roamed the grounds photographing whatever I felt like.

When it got close to 6:30 pm I began photographing some of the belly dancers as they began dance where the "Drum Jam" takes place. The "Drum Jam" began as the crowd began to surround the performers as they danced.  

About 6:55 pm I moved from the front of the "Drum Jam" and walked toward the main exit area because I knew the "Drum Jam" would be making its way there in about 5 minutes. 

Then it was on through the main gates where the closing ceremony took place. 

There is a link to more images from 09-30-12 toward the end of this post. The is also another link to other photos taken on other days at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I still need to post images to my website from 09-02-12, 09-03-12 and 09-28-12. I have posted several images from each of these days on Facebook...

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