Thursday, October 25, 2012

Florida / Florida Keys 2012

On Monday, 02-13-12, I headed back down to Florida. I've been going down there just about every year since 1999. This year I took 24 days off and spent about 19 of them in Florida. My mother lives in Cape Coral so I head there first for a couple days before spending the majority of my time at my father's place in Key Colony Beach in the Florida Keys. On my way back north I stop at my mothers again before the long drive back to Minnesota. 

I find the Keys more of a "vacation" than the mainland of Florida, so that's the reason I spend most of my time there. I'm not saying I have a real exciting time but it sure is nice to get away from Minnesota. Although it was a warm winter in Minnesota, but it was much warmer in Florida. 

This year I went to Key West about five times and just walked around looking for things to photographed. Of course, I went to the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square.

A couple days before I left the Keys I met Maria and her daughter, Savannah, at the "Sunset Celebration" in Marathon at the Seven Mile Bridge. I took a few natural lights shots of Savannah that night. I messaged Maria via Facebook later in the evening and offered to photograph Savannah with my portable lights at Sunset Park in Key Colony Beach.

I'm planning to go back sometime in February 2013...just don't know exactly when or for how long yet. I plan to bring my portable lighting again...maybe I'll be able to use it more than I did this year.   

There are more links to more photos from this trip toward the end of this post. I also included a link to some Florida images from 2010.

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