Thursday, October 11, 2012

Minnesota Renaissance Festival / 09-28-12

On Friday, 09-28-12, I had the day off so I decided to go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I had already been to the festival three other times and I was planning to go again in two days for the final day of 2012 on Sunday, 09-30-12. 
Usually the festival is only open during Saturday and Sunday, so I knew the crowd would be much smaller.  Although I already had many images from the previous three times I decided to go anyways. 

I'm glad I went because the ladies from The Vodca Family were wearing different attire and were very colorful as well as the ladies from Head Over Heels. It made for a very nice day to take pictures.

I posted a few images here in this post but I have a link to this days images toward the end of this post. Looks like there are 330 I know why it took some time to finish them. There is also a link to other photos from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival from last year and this year.

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