Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sena Ehrhardt Band / Shaw's Bar & Grill...

On Friday, 09-09-11, I went down to Shaw's Bar & Grill in NE Minneapolis to see the Sena Ehrhardt Band. Mike Shaw puts up a large tent behind the bar to hold a 9/11 Remembered Festival. Sena played under the tent until 10:00 pm then Lisa Wenger played inside the bar afterwards.

During the first set I noticed that there were only about half the stage lights that were on. Sena was lit well, but if she moved a foot or so the light dropped off dramatically. There was very little light shining on either Steve Dancin' Hansen or Ed Ehrhardt.

I took some shots, but I figured I would wait until all the lights were turned on. After the first set I asked someone if they could turn all the lights on. This person told me they were having problems with the lights and they kept blowing the fuse on the lights when they turned them on. Shortly afterwards I saw them working on the lights...then all the stage lights went out...Sena and her band continued to play in the dark for another three songs or so. When the lights eventually came back on there were even fewer lights lighting the stage. In fact there weren't any lights on stage right.

I was thinking about not posting any images from last night. Although I would have liked better lighting that just wasn't the case.

The lighting didn't effect the music...the music was excellent!

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