Monday, September 12, 2011

Minnesota Renaissance Festival Photos 2011...

It was such a nice day on Sunday, 09-11-11, that I decided to go back to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival instead of going to photograph live music indoors. I was just at the festival on Labor Day and took some photographs that I've already posted to my website. When I went on Labor Day I told myself I would try to return when it was cloudy out so that I would have some nice diffused light. Well, it was warm and sunny...not exactly what I had planned!

I just took some random shots while walking around. Eventually, I ended up at the Ballina Irish Cottage at the end of one of the performances of Fawna -Keeper of Stories from the Forest Deep. I ended up talking to Fawna and some members of her family. Since I didn't have anything really planned I decided to come back for their next show at 4 pm, then when I was about ready to leave I ran across them again in another area of the festival grounds.

Fawna - Keeper of Stories from the Forest Deep

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