Sunday, September 25, 2011

Minnesota Renaissance Festival 09-24-11

On Saturday, 09-24-11, it looked like there were going to be some clouds in the sky today. I was planning to go back to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival if there were going to be some clouds in the sky or a cloudy day to have some better light for some photographs.

This would be my third time to the festival this year. The first time was on Labor day which was a Monday, then the second time was on Sunday,09-11-11. It had been taking me about 35 minutes to drive there. Well, this Saturday it took about 1 1/2 hours due to the traffic. Everyone was going to the festival today.

I got inside the festival around 2 pm and began my "Random Walking and Photography" tour. I had nothing planned... just walk, stop, and look around. One of the first places I stopped was at the location where Fawna- Keeper of Stories from the Forest Deep were performing. On 09-11-11 I took several photos of them performing. Today I only took a few that I will add to the original gallery.

I ended up talking to several more performers who are included in this day's gallery.
I tried getting a nice shot of Twig the Fairy. My "go to" lens is a 70-200 mm 2.8 so I need to stand back a little ways from my subject. Twig was surrounded by her fans!When there was the slightest opening I had to grab whatever shot was available.

Today I spent some time watching "The Moonie Show" and "The Danger Committee". When I was heading toward the entrance/exit there were several people in a big circle so I stopped to see what was going on. Looked like some sort of game, but when that was done the drums began to sound and girls began to dance. Eventually just about everyone was dancing for the closing ceremony.

Twig the Fairy (below)

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