Thursday, November 18, 2010

Felonious Bosch & Machinery Hill

Felonious Bosch and Machinery Hill played at the 42nd Avenue Station this past Monday night, 11-15-10. Kim Buell e-mailed me asking me if I was going show. I was working on some images from this past week, but I was able to get them done and posted on my website so I decided to head on down. I missed last week.

Felonious Bosch Go to their website and listen to their new CD, Toybox, that just came out.

Left to right, David Stenshoel, Katy Thomasberg, Steve Clarke (front), Drew Miller (back), Renee Brachi

Machinery Hill
Kim shooting some video!
One of Kim Buell's photo cards.

More Felonious Bosch and Machinery Hill Photos

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