Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eden Brent

This past week-end, August 13 & 14, 2010 I attended the first two days of the Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth, Minnesota. I was about to walk out of the festival grounds when I stopped in the merchandise tent to buy a couple CD's before driving home.

I saw Eden Brent, who performed earlier on the acoustic tent stage, inside so I gave her my business card and told her I would be posting some photos of her. 

I ended up buying Eden Brent's latest CD, "ain't got no troubles". Of course, she signed the CD and also put she was looking forward to the photos.

Since she wrote that I decided to post Eden Brent's photos first. There are more photos of Eden on my Chuck Ryan Photography website. Here is the link to Eden's gallery.
Her gallery is in the Bayfront Blues Festival folder. Right now her photo's are the only ones there.

Edit: As of Wednesday night, 08-18-10, all photos posted on my website from the Bayfront Blues Festival.

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