Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogger won't upload Photos to this Post!

More problems with blogger.

Last night, Friday night, I went back to Wilebski's Blue Saloon. They still are working on the interior during the week, but are open Friday and Saturday. The big bar was open tonight for the first time. I'm sorry I forgot her name, Susan (?), she was upstairs hand painting more drawings on the walls while the music was playing. Someone please correct me with her name.

Anyways, Cooker John played before The Butanes went on stage.

I attempted to post some photos this morning but there's a bug with Blogger so I can't upload any photos at this time. I tried several times before doing a google search to find there was a problem.

I'll post some photos later!

I mentioned in my post with Zed Leppelin that I was having problems with changing the font size. I couldn't change the font size on my Mac, but I viewed the post later on a computer other than a Mac and the font size was fine.

Edit: Cooker John Photos

The Butanes Photos


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