Friday, April 17, 2009

The past few days...

Tuesday 04-14-09

I made it to the Mississippi River again and the water level is continuing to drop. This was a very enjoyable night to paddle with the temperature around 60 degrees plus the fact that the current has slowed considerably. I forgot my camera so I didn’t get any pictures. Time 2:05.

Wednesday 04-15-09

After work I went to a new photography class, so no canoeing. It’s portrait photography class with Paul Veronikas. It’s through the community education program. There were about 10 people. Normally all my photos are of nature (canoe trips, etc) so this past winter I took other photography classes that exposed me to other types of photography.

I have an assignment to take 24 portraits (head & shoulders photos) before the next class. These need to be with natural light. Now I have to go find some people.

This coming Monday night I begin a night photography class. The first class is in classroom then the next 4 sessions are in the field. I’m looking forward to that class as well.

Thursday 04-16-09

What a great night to be on the river. The temperature was 73 degrees to start. The warmest weather so far. Spring is here. I did my normal paddle and the water has dropped another 6 inches or so. The Mississippi River has dropped about 3 feet from its highest level this year. Lots of wildlife out and about.

Friday 04-17-09

Day off from work today so I got on the river in the morning. It was 53 degrees but the temperature was rising during the paddle. I saw both eagles today. I was beginning to get concerned a couple times as they were circling fairly low above me as I paddled upstream. I have a total of 41 hours and 40 minutes in the canoe this season.

When that was done I went and got a haircut with Tara, then a 38 minute run.

Tomorrow I’ll go paddling probably on the Rum River, then do a little biking. Later in the evening I have a Strobist shoot ( off camera lighting) in downtown Minneapolis.

On Sunday there is another photo walk with another group, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to go right now.


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