Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Duck Strut.... 04-22-20

.I was watching my bird feeder after my bike ride to see what might show up. A few minutes later I looked over in my neighbors backyard because they have all the birds . I often see a pair of Mallards fly behind a large spruce tree in their backyard, then a few seconds later they begin their waddle over to some feed. I was actually surprised to see this female Mallard walking by herself from their backyard, but she was not headed directly to my feeder. It looked like she was sneaking to the back of my yard. Then she began her strut to my feeder... she gave me the look when she saw I didn't have any feed for her... after she left I went out and threw some seed on the ground to the satisfaction of the squirrels...

Giving me the "eye"

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