Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Northern Cardinals at the bird feeder... 04-12-20

The male and female Northern Cardinal finally showed up to the feeder after a full day of flying by it... I was sitting by the sliding glass door listening to some other birds as the light was slowing slipping away. I was going to put away my camera and stop paying attention to the feeder at 1930 hrs, but I decided to give it a few more minutes... just like deer hunting. I was surprised to see the cardinals show up. I had to bump up my ISO more than I liked to keep a reasonable shutter speed, but it wasn't enough for what the birds had in mind. Although, I was able to get a couple action shots I certainly didn't completely stop the action. I also missed / slightly blurry image of the male flying up to his mate bringing her a seed. I captured them both after the male landed on the cross piece with the female with her mouth open to get the seed from the male (last photo).


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