Saturday, April 25, 2020

Backyard Birds... 04-24-20

Yesterday, 04-24-20, morning I walked into the kitchen to get another coffee when I looked out to check on the bird feeder. I saw this Pileated Woodpecker, who looked out of place, on the feeder. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a couple quick shots without opening the sliding glass door. Although not a great shot, but I got one before he flew off...

Brown - Headed Cowbirds... take-off and landing :)


Photos of some of the other birds at the feeder today. Today was the first day I saw the White-Breasted Huthatch at the feeder. The small bird upside down

Red-winged Blackbird (Male)

House Finch (Female) (L), American Goldfinch (Female) (R)

Amercican Goldfinch

House Finch (Male)

White-breasted Nutatch

House Finch (Female)

House Finch (Female)

Red-winged Blackbird (Female)

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