Monday, February 24, 2020

"New Rolling Brook 64" Bike Ride 02-23-20

Scott, the “other” Chuck and I rode the 64 mile version of my New Rolling Brook ride out of Hudson,WI. Normally I’ll ride the 77 mile version in the summer, so I don’t ride this route too often. We were all on our gravel bikes with gravel tires. There was still some snow/ice on the roads in spots especially where the trees block the sun from hitting the roadway. Our first break was at the Dunn Brothers at mile 30. Two of us had coffee, but all three had a breakfast sandwich. The second break at the Bass Lake Cheese (mile 53) was a welcome sight after riding into a brisk westerly wind. Today we saw plenty of wildlife. Nine deer, 9 flying Trumpeter Swans with more in the fields, 4 or 5 eagles depending on who you talk to . There were 4 squirrels, but I stopped counting them after seeing our first group of five deer. Sometimes all I see are squirrels. I'll eventually do a movie of the ride today. It was a good day for a bike ride….

Chuck Ryan

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